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 Raising public awareness of pediatrics cancers

Fund fondamental or translational research on childhood cancer through donations to concerned organizations

Helping patients and their families financially if necessary during illness

My story

June 2017, Engerrand had just turned 13 years old. At the end of the school year, everything was fine, he multiplied sports and competitions. But an unusual tiredness settled down, followed by vomiting, loss of strength in the left hand, balance disorders.

Then, we asked for a brain scanner in July 2017, and there, we were told a terrible insidious disease: The Diffuse Intrinsic Pontine Glioma… DIPG! A terrible Tsunami in our family; it is a strong cancer; incurable and inoperable.

Firstly, we decided to go on vacation, because on our return, we chained radiotherapy and chemotherapy … fortunately everyone supported him, family, friends, top athletes …

He fought like a warrior « a Warrior » accepting all treatments, enduring all that it is humanly possible to endure, but always with a smile to the end … He left us on July 9, 2018.

But with adult medications, the fight is uneven; there are still no drugs for pediatric cancers; This is why we are launching this association;

Thank you very much in advance for your support.

I watch and always watch over everyone I love …

children and teenagers<br />

are diagnosed with cancer each year in France, maybe more


officially succumb to their disease every year in the world


of the drugs

officially succumb to their disease every year in the world medicines given to children are officially not allowed in children (not specifically developed and tested on children)


A great mentalist with a big heart


A fantastic mentalist with a big heart. Warrior Enguerrand welcome Viktor Vincent to the association. Beyond his extraordinary gifts of mentalist that we all know, we want to thank infinitely this man to have contacted us to offer his support and help to this great cause. An angel with us.

For the little story, Enguerrand had his whole book collection and even his autograph in a frame on the wall of his room!

Viktor Vincent will raise public awareness of pediatric cancers with us. « 





Nicolas Forever and Warrior Enguerrand to conquer the Himalayas….

For his son Nicolas and for the Warrior Enguerrand association, Denis COTTIN will try to climb the «MUSTAGH ATA» culminating at 7546 m. One of the highest mountains in the world. He will also try to ski down




Pediatric Cancer Race

Become a golden September ambassador with the race against pediatric cancers. Registration before the end of July with a prize pool of 150€ per runner. Warrior can finance you




Run « children without cancer » with Imagine for Margo

100% of donations will go to research to fund clinical trials. Registration is open!




Auction sale for the benefit of the association Warrior Enguerrand organized by Mercier & Cie

Next December the Mercier study will organize an auction «Warrior Enguerrand» whose entire product will be donated to our association.
You can participate in:
By bringing paintings, jewelry, objects, bottles of wine …..
By offering us services, services or the provision of goods belonging to you
Some examples to show that everyone can participate in the organization of the sale:
– You have a secondary residence in the sea, in the mountains, in Paris. We can offer at auction the use of this house or apartment for a weekend, a week…You work in a beauty salon, you are a sports coach, of a high level in tennis, golf, good cook or pastry … makeovers, special courses or sessions in your favourite sport or discipline can also be sold for the benefit of “Warrior Enguerrand”

– You run a restaurant, meals can be sold or a few months of membership in a sports club, tickets to sporting events, concerts.
– You are a lawyer, notary, offer a few hours of advice.
-You have a collectible car, its availability for a particular event may be proposed
If you are young and have only to offer your courage (hours of babysitting, gardening… ) we will also sell it at auction!
You want to collaborate on this sale and you don’t know if what you’re proposing can be sold. Contact Patrick Deguines, auctioneer, who is preparing this event with us at: 00 (…) 611268067 or pdeguines@mercier.com

Our sponsors

To our sponsor

Beyond the gift, you offer us a significant human value, that of protecting the lives of children… Thank you so much!




You can act with our association. There are many ways to work with us and support us in the fight against pediatric cancer.

Your company’s commitment to Warrior Enguerrand will bring a lot of benefits:

 – you strengthen your corporate commitment to a good cause,

– you retain your customers and share with them strong values,

 – you federate, involve and motivate your collaborators around a beautiful project that makes sense,

 – you benefit from the positive image and the notoriety of the association.

We commit ourselves to our sponsor to:

 – guarantee the allocation of donations,

– to send you our activity reports,

 – inform you of all our advancements,

 – manage donations with rigor and transparency.

You also benefit from a series of tax benefits.

To learn more click  here.



« We want to believe in human values »

If you too, want to share this fight with us, you can download the presentation folder of the association and distribute it around you.

The association is for every one!

Our partners

to our members

You can download your membership form




There are so many causes to support, as important as each other, and this is the one we chose with our hearts.

To exist, we need you. Your encouragement gives us the credibility and legitimacy to take strong action to make great strides, and we are convinced, win this fight in the interest of thousands of children and families.

As a member, you show your encouragement and participate in the actions and decisions of the association Warrior Enguerrand.

 Thanks to you, we finally offer hope to our children, that of giving them the right to live their lives.

The Warrior Enguerrand association waiting for you to grow.



Actuality, we are talking about it… (in French)

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Enguerrand's friends

A big thank you to everyone who brought joy and dreams to Enguerrand

Joe-Wilfried, Enguerrand et Yannick

Coupe Davis demi finale 2017

Rafael & Enguerrand

1 novembre 2017 à Bercy

Gilles et Enguerrand

Jérémy et Enguerrand

Nicolas Canteloup


Rafael & Enguerrand – november, 2017 in Bercy (France)

Nicolas (French humorist) to Enguerrand 

The sign of Enguerrand

For our association, we will target all brain tumors for pediatric Onco research.

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